Marketo announces new features at customer summit 2014

Marketo announces new features at customer summit 2014

Today while attending Marketo’s summit, announced new capabilities to extend their flagship product.

Marketo Real-Time Personalization; this will drive a more personnel experience to customers by delivering content across web and mobile visitors dynamically, marketers will be able to increases conversions without IT skills.

Marketo Marketing Calendar – This has been in the works for over a year and finally it’s here. This new capability is an interactive and intuitive interface allowing to make adjustments to Marketo program data in real-time, share activities with internal stakeholders in a central place, connecting marketing plans and activities – I’m really looking forward to working with this.

Marketo Search Engine Optimization – This new SEO tool will help marketers with little to no specialized knowledge to tie TOFU (Top Of Funnel) activities with consumers searching the web to discover their site content. Marketers can analyze keyword rankings; will suggest new keywords and recommending web page optimization, ultimately leading to more pipeline and more revenue.

Read more from the press release.

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