Edward Masson Session at Marketo Summit 2015

Edward Masson Session at Marketo Summit 2015

The Marketing Nation summit is almost here where I will of course be attending again. This year marks my fourth year in attendance and it gets exciting every year.

I do hope you get a chance to swing by and check out our speaking session at Marketo Summit 2015

For all you attending, it’s going to be an early one; especially it’s a day after the Marketing Nation Gala party.

Going beyond Pretty Emails: Insights into lead Nurturing” Wednesday April 15th @ 8:10am Location: 2001/2003, where I will be co-presenting with Gil Reichert from NextGen Healthcare.

We will be both presenting our company’s journey, getting away from batch n’ blast style of email marketing. Taking the higher road, the more challenging road to Lead Nurturing using Marketo Customer Engagement Engine.

We will ease your confusion and stress by showing you the essential steps to ensure you generate and maintain more customers through relevant lead nurturing and make your Sales team wonder what they ever did without you!

We hope you will all find it fun, entertaining and engaging (see what I did there…)

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