How to build a Marketo Subscription Center

How to build a Marketo Subscription Center

Subscription_Center_PPTWith the launch of the new Forms 2.0 from Marketo, I wanted to update an oldie in Marketo Community; Subscription Management. A Marketo Subscription Center. Below is a presentation I did last February at the Boston Marketo User Group.

The old Marketo subscription center needed JQuery to check and unchecked boxes of the users unsubscribe and choices. This can be daunting to someone who does not have coding experience.

I wanted to focus around creating smart lists and smart campaigns to do the heavy lifting. Having a smart campaign trigger to listen to changes to static lists using custom fields of topics to subscribe to by opting in and opting out. And of course play with the new Forms 2.0

[slideshare id=32945988&doc=subscriptioncenter-bmug-140331110744-phpapp02]

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  1. Hi! Thanks for these slides – detailed info. I’m wondering if there’s a way to set up a subscription center with landing pages and forms from our own website and then just connect (map) those form fields into Marketo. Do you know if this is possible? It’s so much easier to set up consistent (branding-wise) pages, etc. from within our own site instead of trying to re-create it on Marketo. Thanks for any direction you can give me!

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